J&M helps EPA improve compliance by helping enforce policies, enabling audits, and analysing expense trends in Oracle Fusion ERP.

Direct Credit Card Integration for corporate card expenses into the ERP Cloud Expenses module.

Business challenge

Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) has been using Oracle ERP & EPM Cloud for six plus years. The employees were using a basic solution provide by the card issuer to code their credit card expenses, and the Finance team would then have to manually reconcile these entries into ERP each month.



To integrate the corporate card expenses from the card issuer into the ERP Cloud Expenses module to improve compliance by helping enforce policies, enabling audits, and analysing expense trends.

Oracle Fusion Expense provides functionality to seamlessly connect car Issuers.  The Oracle Fusion Expense module has the flexibility to track the records Transaction-wise, Card-wise, or Processed File-wise. The Corporate Card Dashboard is the one place where you will find all the tracking or monitoring records, validation error details, activation, and Inactivation of cards, and Assigned or Unassigned cards. By accessing the dashboard Card Administrators track all errors and take action accordingly.



Employees no longer have to enter credit card expenses in a different system to their cash expenses, but instead they use the Oracle Expenses for all their work expenses. This single module now provides EPA with increased employee productivity and greater control over cost management, allowing managers to quickly obtain key information required to audit or approve expense reports. Employees can now easily submit their expenses through online or mobile entry.


About the customer

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are the New Zealand government agency responsible for regulating activities that affect Aotearoa New Zealand’s environment, they balance social, economic, safety, and environmental factors in everything we do making sure Aotearoa New Zealand is meeting its international obligations around environmental protection.EPA chose James & Monroe as their partner to support their Oracle ERP and EPM implementations and to help them continually drive value from this investment. Learn how J&M can help you and your team get the best value from your Oracle ERP and EPM investments.



About James & Monroe

J&M specialises in the design and implementation of Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. J&M employ the largest dedicated EPM and BI team throughout Australia and New Zealand.
Since 2004, J&M have provided Advisory, Solution Design and Development services for project implementations, together with Application Support and Education services to both government and private sector customers. With offices in Auckland, Melbourne, Mumbai, Wellington and Sydney and over 70+ full-time product-specific experts employed across the company, J&M can provide size, scalability, depth of experience and cost-efficiency.
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