Complete and Connected EPM cloud applications


Oracle has raised the bar with its latest complete and integrated cloud enterprise performance management applications, In the latest Open World, Larry Ellison (founder of Oracle) restated the mission statement of oracle to

“help people see data in new ways, discover insights, unlock endless possibilities”.

This shows the importance of data and its usage from the visionary technology leader. Oracle is changing from on-premise software provider to the cloud-oriented company. It is the only company in the business software business, which has offerings in Infrastructure as a service(IaaS), Platform as a service(PaaS) and Software as a service(SaaS). Oracle has rewritten the code of its cloud EPM applications to be optimised for the cloud. If you can control the infrastructure of software, then it gives advantage in terms of fine-tuning the performance and security of software applications. Certainly, Oracle has a competitive advantage on its competitors.


Oracle EPM Cloud applications help the users in below-mentioned business processes:

  • Connected Planning: Planning application, Profitability and Cost Management application
  • Comprehensive Financial Close: Account Reconciliation, Financial Consolidations and Close, Tax Reporting
  • Reporting: Narrative reporting application
  • Data Management: Enterprise Data Management



Let us evaluate Oracle EPM applications on cloud partner selection criteria


Cloud application availability and scalability

since oracle has presence and customers across the globe, these applications are available in most of the countries. Scalability is inbuilt into the EPM applications and it has been tested against extreme scenarios. Oracle has used simulated SaaS environment to test the scalability of these applications.

Cloud partner completeness

Oracle has comprehensive cloud applications with breadth and depth of across EPM processes as written above. Additionally, these connected cloud applications are built on a common platform. This can really help the customer in coordination with a single partner and getting the latest innovations across the applications. Example: if user like chatbot functionality in the planning application, then oracle can quickly roll out the same functionality in narrative reporting or enterprise data management.

The strategic focus of the cloud partner:

As part of its strategy, oracle has re-written optimised code for its cloud applications. So, customers can get best in class user experience, and functionality. Oracle is continuously spending dollars on research and development to provide latest machine learning, AI and analytics innovations in its cloud applications.

Cloud partner ecosystem

Being one of the oldest players in the business software market, oracle has established an ecosystem of implementation and support consultants. These consultants were helping clients to solve their problems using on-premise Oracle technology. Now, they are focussing on cloud applications.

Customer focus

As part of continuous development, oracle is collaborating with its customers and on-ground consultants to add new features in these cloud applications.


So, oracle provides complete and connected EPM cloud applications, which can be configured as per customer business processes. We know that moving to clouds application and choosing a cloud partner should be a strategic decision. It is best to trust your business to the trusted market leader. We can help with devising your cloud strategy and then implementing that strategy using best in class EPM cloud applications.

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