Oracle Data Integrator Cloud Service (ODICS) – PART 2

Oracle is one of the prominent leaders in providing comprehensive data integration solutions that includes Oracle Data Integrator Cloud Service (ODICS), Oracle Data Integration Platform Cloud, Oracle Golden Gate, Oracle Enterprise Data Quality, Oracle Enterprise Metadata Management, and Oracle Stream Analytics.  ODICS provides continuous access to timely, reliable and heterogeneous data from both on-site and cloud solutions to support analytical and operational business needs.


New key investment areas ensure Oracle Data Integrator Cloud Services continues to support clients during their business growth and transformation process. ODICS introduces new functionality in the following areas:


Oracle Object Storage and Oracle Object Storage Classic

  • Oracle Object Storage and Object Storage Classic provide fast, stable and secure cloud storage and now ODICS will integrate Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) seamlessly with them.
  • ODICS comes with a collection of Knowledge Modules (KMs) that can be used to link to Oracle Object Storage and Object Storage Classic in Mappings and Packages to manage files within the local archive or the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS).


ODI Object Storage

Figure 1 ODI Object Storage


Autonomous Databases

  • ODICS now comes with optimized Loading and Integration Knowledge Modules (KMs) that are certified with Oracle Autonomous databases such as:
    • Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud (ADW)
    • Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP)
  • ODICS works easily with ADW and ATP to achieve better performance in a fully managed environment that is configured for specific workloads by integrating with Autonomous Databases.
  • Both ADW and ATP use the same set of Knowledge Modules and utilize the updated native integration of Oracle Object Storage and Oracle Object Storage Classic.
  • Additionally, Oracle Data Integrator users can also use native integration between Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Object Storage to allow fast data transmission to ADW or ATP and simplify the entire loading process.


ODI Autonomous Data Warehouse

Figure 2 ODI Autonomous Data Warehouse



Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud

  • The new release also provides a new Infrastructure and Software Platform for Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud, a suite of cloud apps for accounting, project management, sourcing, risk management, and operations.
  • ODICS works seamlessly into the Oracle Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) platform which allows companies to incorporate their ERP data into their data warehouses, data marts. The native application also lets ODICS customers load data into Oracle’s ERP Cloud.



Figure 3 ODICS ERP



In the next post, we will discuss more key features such as Oracle Sales Cloud, Oracle Service Cloud, GIT Offline Support, and SAP Delta Extraction.



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